ProWay Passive DAS Solution Services

Putting a stronger voice and 4G cell signal in your building

Over the past decade, Powerful Signal has developed ProWay (Professional Way) to address poor and unusable cell signal in large buildings and unique environments. A successful solution involves much more than a piece of hardware thrown into a building with expectation that it will solve all your problems. Our methodology has been carefully crafted over years of experience with our key corporate and government accounts and installations.

What's provided with a ProWay DAS (distributed antenna system) solution?

ProWay is a complete service designed to successfully solve your building cell signal problems:


  • Powerful Signal first seeks to understand the nature of your problem.
  • We consult with you to gather all the required information to craft a successful solution.
  • We strive to meet your needs and budget.

System design

Nationwide installation

  • We work with highly-qualified, experienced, professional installers.
  • Our installers offer fast implementation in one location or at multiple sites.

Lifetime support

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