DAS Solutions for Property Managers

Why is cellular reception so important for property managers?

As a property owner, ensuring the long-term satisfaction of your tenants is paramount, and today that includes having a strong cellular signal in every unit of your building.

Your tenants—whether they're small businesses in a strip mall or renters in a high-rise condominium—expect to have access to reliable voice, text, and data service. Your building, however, is likely constructed of materials that impede cellular frequencies: Concrete, steel, and glass all block cell signals, resulting in spotty coverage and "dead zones."

The ProWay solution from Powerful Signal

A passive DAS (distributed antenna system) cell phone amplification system, designed to your building's requirements and your budget, will give you the strongest possible cellular voice and data signal in your high-rise building.

Our modular and scalable systems use industry-standard components, pre-approved by the FCC, to get the strongest possible voice and data cell signal at the lowest possible cost (almost always far less than fiber DAS systems).

With ProWay expertise and experience, we'll design custom, enterprise-class system to your building's exact configuration, bringing strong 4G LTE cellular reception anywhere or everywhere in your property.

Powerful Signal is dedicated to your satisfaction

Our ProWay solution process ensures that you'll receive a customized DAS system that will address your problems, on your timeline, and at the lowest possible cost:

  • Consulting: We'll learn the nature of your problem and gather all the information needed to create a successful solution.
  • System design: We'll create the most cost-effective, efficient design, specifically crafted to solve your specific problem.
  • Nationwide installation: Our highly-qualified, experienced, professional installers will provide fast implementation anywhere in the U.S.
  • Lifetime support: Our experienced technical support team will provide free lifetime support for your system.

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