Lifetime Product Support

No monthly fees: Once a customer, always a customer

Powerful Signal has been providing outstanding customer service for over a decade. Our business customers keep coming back to us for passive DAS (distributed antenna systems) solutions for new buildings and upgrades to existing installations. As part of our business practice:

  • We maintain all system design records.
  • Customers have an assigned support representative.
  • We work with the best manufacturers.
  • We maintain our own inventory.

Maintaining system design records

We maintain the system design records for all customers. When a carrier tower changes, a building expands, or floor plans are modified, Powerful Signal can review your previous design plans and determine what changes need to be made to your passive DAS cell signal solution. You might forget what we installed, but we won't.

Assigned support representative

We've employed the same team of technical support representatives for years, and our customers appreciate that. We'll assign your project to a support representative who will get to know you, your installation, and your needs.

Working with the best manufacturers

World-class support includes not only having a good working relationship with our customers, but also having the highest-quality equipment that can you can depend on. Powerful Signal partners with the best manufacturers who have the best warranties. We stand behind the products we sell and install.

On-site inventory

At Powerful Signal, we maintain our own inventory in our on-site warehouse. We rarely drop-ship from other locations. Having our own inventory means that we can turn your product order around quickly.

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