Two antennas work best in large homes with weBoost's Connect 4G-X

Posted by Kevin Taylor on Dec 16th 2016

Cellular devices are flooding into our homes

Cellular devices are rapidly spreading throughout our homes and lives. I'm not just referring to smartphones, which are a significant factor in our everyday lives, but also the many other devices that are flooding into everyday usage: security systems, smart watches, emergency medical alert devices, virtual reality headsets, 4G LTE tablets, cellular hotspots, and many other items that are just now coming to market. Cellular connectivity is playing an ever-increasing role in our homes.

How can I keep my cellular devices connected?

How do you keep your life connected with the best possible cell signal in your home? Most cell signal booster kits have a single inside antenna to broadcast amplified cell signal. This is a great option for smaller homes—say, under 2,000 square feet—but what should you do when your home is 3,000 to 4,000 square feet? I'm going to suggest a specific cell signal booster with an important add-on.

The weBoost Connect 4G-X from Wilson Electronics

Wilson Electronics has been producing the highest-quality cell signal boosters for over a decade. They're the leader in the cellular amplification industry, and have one of the best warranties in the business. I've found their equipment to be the top-performing solution, and the best choice for residential applications.

The weBoost Connect 4G-X from Wilson Electronics is one of the best 4G cell signal boosters that can be used in a residential environment. The standard Connect 4G-X comes standard with one outside directional antenna, one inside panel antenna, and cables for a typical residential installation. But there are situations where two inside antennas will work better than one antenna.

Sample 2 Antenna Cell Signal Booster Configuration
Two inside antennas distribute signal more effectively in a large home.

The ideal Connect 4G-X setup for your large home

Let's say your house is a long rectangular home. Placing one inside antenna in the middle of the house may not give you enough coverage at each end of the home, but two antennas will broadcast the booster's signal more effectively (see the diagram to the right).

Another unusual situation is if your home has an irregular layout, like an L-shape. Placing an antenna in the center of each leg of the "L" can better balance the broadcast signal and fill the home more evenly with strong, usable cell signal.

The best two-antenna Connect 4G-X option

Sample 2 Antenna Cell Signal Booster Configuration
The weBoost Connect 4G-X cell signal booster kit with 2 dome antennas

Powerful Signal, a weBoost authorized reseller, has created a two-antenna weBoost Connect 4G-X kit for large homes. We started with Wilson's original Connect 4G-X kit and added two dome antennas, along with all the additional components needed to connect two antennas to the amplifier.

Powerful Signal's kit includes the original panel antenna, along with the two additional dome antennas, allowing you to choose which two-antenna configuration works best in your home: one dome antenna and one panel antenna, or two dome antennas. Panel antennas are directional; typically, you'll hang one on a wall and point it across a room. Dome antennas are omnidirectional; you'll install them in a ceiling so their signal is sent downward in a 360-degree pattern. Domes are used in many commercial environments because of their excellent performance and superior broadcast ability.

Powerful Signal has several multi-antenna options available for the weBoost Connect 4G-X at and We recommend contacting our design experts first, or consulting a professional installer familiar with Wilson Electronics signal boosters, to ensure that the system you purchase will perform properly in your home or other building.

Call Powerful Signal at 866-912-3444 for all your cellular booster needs.