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Powerful Signal Brings the Power of the WilsonPro 4000 and WilsonPro 1000 to Businesses

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In late 2016, Wilson Electronics introduced the WilsonPro 4000 and WilsonPro 1000 cell signal amplifier systems for businesses. These solutions come in wall- and rack-mounted versions, and include new features that solidify WilsonPro as the industry leader in passive DAS technology for businesses and large buildings.

The WilsonPro 1000 system from Powerful Signal The WilsonPro 1000 system from Powerful Signal

Powerful Signal, an exclusive Wilson partner, has begun rolling out these new systems in its custom-designed business solutions. Kevin Taylor, president of Powerful Signal, stated, “We’re very excited to add the new technologies in the WilsonPro 4000 and WilsonPro 1000 to our suite of full-service building solutions. They’ll allow us to address the needs of larger buildings in the business community.”

Most people think of passive DAS systems being put in when there’s not enough outside cell signal. The larger problem, though, comes from areas where there is too much signal, especially dense urban locations where dozens of cell towers flood the area with overwhelming cellular signal.

This is where the WilsonPro 4000 and WilsonPro 1000 really shine: Both product lines have built-in, fully-automatic eXtended Dynamic Range (XDR) technology that adjusts the amplifier’s gain up or down to manage strong outside signal.

In these situations, competing cell signal boosters would be overloaded by too much signal and shut themselves off; they have to be manually tuned and adjusted using attenuators and switches. Those systems require regular maintenance when a local tower is added, removed, or changed, but the WilsonPro 4000 and WilsonPro 1000 immediately and automatically adjust themselves to any changes in outside signal, up or down.

In our tests, the 4000 and WilsonPro 1000 performed better than any amplifiers in their class, for both business and commercial use.

Contact Powerful Signal today—we can show you how Wilson Electronics’ new systems will solve the cellular reception problem in your building. We can configure a WilsonPro 4000 or 1000 system to meet your specific requirements, regardless of the size of your business or your building’s unique requirements. With over ten years’ experience creating passive DAS systems large buildings, we can craft the right solution for you.

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